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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This weeks update...

Facebook is now live! I updated today with pictures. It still has some room for improvements but I'm learning. Hopefully I will have a new computer and internet at home soon so updating will be easier. As I get my hands on more fabric I will be able to have pictures of my stock and you will have more choices. I am getting things as quickly as I can.  We have 2 birthdays in the next two weeks and family comes before business since my boys are turning 5 and 1! I am taking semi customs orders through my Facebook page. I have the giveaway coming up in a few days too. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. The new year is just around the corner!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

News worthy of sharing....

I had an opportunity fall in my lap today. Erica over at "This Flourishing Life" had a sponsor back out on her, completely not the sponsors fault, for a Winter Wonder Land blog hop and giveaways. So I jumped on board and quickly offered up a fleece soaker and upcycled wool cover. I am so glad I decided to jump on Facebook while I was cooking dinner. So since I jumped at this chance I need to get my behind in gear and do some shopping and get my business ready to go.

So after talking everything over with my husband I decided I was going to open my business a little early and completely different than what I thought I was going to do. Antionette's Fluff and Stuff will be opening on Facebook and doing only semi custom orders for fleece soakers, fleece covers,  wool soakers and wool wraps. I will add different items as I get patterns and materials worked out.

What does semi custom mean? Unless you send me your fabric, you only get to pick gender, size and type and I will do rest.  I will try to let you pick fabric when I have lots on hand. I will let you request I use a certain theme. I will even let you add elastic. I will let you pick the materials for the soaker so what you want is closest to baby's skin. As I build up materials for my business I will add more options for you.

I am super excited to get started and looking forward to what this door opens for me and my family!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome to my blog! Right now it's a work in progress. Hopefully very soon you'll be able to see the cloth diapers, covers, fleece soakers, and such I will be making to sell as well as any products I review from other WAHMs or manufacturers. There will probably be a few posts about my family and such.
I am excited about starting my own business as  well as my blog. I hope to be up and running after the first of the year but who knows. Life is crazy and often puts obstacles in the way that delay things so we shall see.