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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Longest Week Ever

Yes I am still around! I have just been very busy here lately.
I am trying to get the house in order for a weekend with my stepkids and Kacey's 1st birthday party, while still taking the time to sew. It seems like Saturday is never going to get here. But I know the less prepared I am the faster its coming!

The giveaway at This Flourishing Life went great. Two wonderful mamas won my covers. One is already done and ready to be shipped.  I have to get out this weekend and find some wool to do the other. All the wool I had here got ruined.

I have been working on AIOs for Kacey. They are much easier for daddy to use. So far it's been great. I think I like sewing them better than pockets! It seems to be much faster. The drying time is slightly longer than pockets but the petal style soaker cuts down on it quite a bit. Hopefully I will have a stocked store soon and you'll be able to try them out!

In the works right now aside from the giveaway covers, I am getting together a major fabric order that includes PUL, fleece, flannel, terry, cotton knits and some other notions. I am also trying to convince the hubby I need a serger. It would allow me to make diapers faster and add some new products too. Hopefully in the next month I can get one.

So it looks like 4 products will go in the store when it's ready to open. Fleece covers and soakers, wool covers and soaker, pockets diapers and AIOs. My goals are becoming realities. It's just taking time to do.

Until next time, enjoy life!

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